A New Home!

So much fun stuff has been going on in the last three or four months for my fiancé and I! I want to share all the details with you in a few blog posts, but to jump to the end- we bought our first home! I’ve learned so much about the loan process, real estate, and the whole process; I can’t wait to share it all with you.

We started casually looking at houses and the possibility of building our first home after we were engaged. Once we toured the house we knew this was the one we wanted and could see ourselves growing our family in. There was absolutely nothing that we did not love. It was for sale by owner so we did not need to use a real estate agent, which has its perks (post to come)!

Thankfully my parents have been through this before and gave us great advice, like they always have. We also had a great Loan Officer (LO) who gave us step-by-step instructions and always let us know what the next step was. We had great friends that are super excited for us and listened to me almost daily for a few weeks rant about the ridiculous amount of paperwork and phone calls we had to make. I greatly appreciate the support we’ve been surrounded with.

Finally, we  have a house and can’t wait to make it our home!


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